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Heal Your Pet with Crystals

Heal Your Pet with Crystals

Postby HighHeelKitchen » Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:36 pm

Heal Your Pet with Crystals

AMBER: improves vision and the throat, kidneys, and bladder. This soothing stone will calm nerves and enliven the stick-in-the-mud pet to be a bit cheerier, while calming a hyperactive one. As well, amber is an excellent stone to hold in the company of a pregnant or birthing animal.

AMETHYST: is a powerful all-around healer, improving hearing and the nervous and skeletal systems predominately. It also aids the digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin, and teeth. It is a great help if your pet must battle arthritis.

AVENTURINE: If you and your pet have just moved to a new location, aventurine is perfect for you both. As it helps to strengthen your blood, lungs, heart and adrenal glands, it will also strengthen your desire to explore and get out. Aventurine will hearten your indecisive pet and increase muscle tone.

CITRINE: If your pet is moody, fearful, or always awake while you wish to sleep, citrine is the stone of your dreams. This energetic stone will aid his digestive tract and alleviate fears, depressions and insomnia.

JADE: is a stone traditionally held to increase ones's lifespan and to facilitate maximum comfort when the end is near. Jade assists the immune system, kidneys and heart, insures a healthy sheen to your pet's coat, all through his/her long life.

LAPIS: this stone protects, relieves and stimulates your pet. An all-around "good vibes" stone, it also strengthens the throat, bone marrow and immune system, as well as relieving dizziness and occasional insomnia. Lapis is the strongest stone you can find to relieve the pain of luekemia and bone cancer.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: When you place a quartz crystal around your pet's neck, not only will it increase his immunities, stimulate his thyroid and decrease respiratory problems - it is also an excellent training stone. Quartz Crystal amplifies communicationn between human and animals and, strengthens mental clarity. This stone increases capabilities of learning from one's master and teacher.

ROSE QUARTZ: Use a rose quartz for your pet when it has been wounded, or recently operated upon. If your pet is aloof, lonely or isolated, the rose quartz will help him learn the powers of love and gentleness. As well, if you are inviting a new pet into a full household, this stone will help spread the love equally and facilitate harmony with all your animals.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: the powerful smokey quartz helps to heal disorders in paws, claws and, fins. If your pet doesn't always win the fight, the smokey quartz helps heighten survival instincts. This wonderful grounding stone works slowly to eradicate negative energy and hostility.

TURQUOISE: the turquoise will protect your pet from the dangers of pollutants of city life. This powerful healing stone is an amazing boost of confidence for your shy pet.

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