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Cannabis Butter Recipe

Cannabis Butter Recipe

Postby happy hippy cook » Fri May 11, 2012 6:47 pm

Cannabis Butter

1lbs of unsalted butter
2 cups of water
1 ounce of Cannabis

Firstly lets grind the Cannabis, it needs to be nice and fine to make marijuana butter. I’d suggest using a coffee grinder for large amounts. Alternatively hand grinding the Cannabis will definitely help develop your technique!

Bring 2cups of water to a covered boil. Once the water is boiling, add your butter and melt it in the water. Reduce the heat and cover pan so the cannabis butter simmering.

Add the ground cannabis material to the pan. Once you add the finely ground cannabis powder whisk and mix it into the pot thoroughly. Make sure the solution is nice and smooth, you don’t want any lumps in the pot butter crock pot.

Once added replace the lid and simmer on the lowest heat. It’s important when cooking pot butter that you don’t burn the bottom of the pan. This will really effect the taste of the Cannabis Butter.

The Cannabis Butter is now ready to simmer and cook for 22 to 24 hours. This amount of time is important. It is required to extract the THC from the Cannabis. Once finished take the cannabis butter off the heat.

You are now ready to extract the used Cannabis material from the Cannabis Butter solution.
This is a really straightforward step, we’re just sieving all the little bits of cannabis from the solution, otherwise the cannabis butter will be full of bits.

Place the cheese cloth over an open bowl and ensure that when the liquid is poured through the cheese cloth will not go with it. Pour the cannabis butter solution into the large bowl.

In the cheese cloth you’ll have all the remaining bits of cannabis squeeze and extract as much of the solution from the cheese cloth and material as possible.

Place the bowl with the Cannabis Butter solution into the fridge.
Leave it in the fridge until it has set, normally a few of hours. This will separate the fats from the water. The fat being our beautiful Cannabis Butter.

Removing Your Marijuana Butter and Storing:
Removing the Cannabis Butter is tricky. You basically want to scrape out all of the pot butter that’s at the top of the bowl, leaving the water and other stuff at the bottom. Use a spoon or spatula.

Once you’ve collected all the cannabis butter discard the remaining liquid. Place the cannabis butter in air tight containers and place in the freezer (keeping the Cannabis Butter fresh and the potency high).
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