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Pizza Crust Recipe

Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:34 pm

Pizza Crust:
1 + 1/3 cup Warm water
1/2 teaspoons Salt
4 cups Flour
1/3 teaspoon Oregano
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1 pk Dry yeast
1/3 teaspoon Garlic salt (optional)
2 Tablespoons Olive oil

Mix 1 cup flour and remaining ingredients in food processor, beating for 1 minute. Add flour gradually and process until dough leaves the side of the container. Place in greased bowl, turn to grease top and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise in refrigerator overnight. Divide dough in thirds. Press with heel of hand onto greased pizza pan until crust fills pan.

Bake in 350 F oven for 5 minutes. Freeze. When ready to make pizza, remove from freezer and quickly cover with pizza sauce and toppings. Bake on oven rack without pan.
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